The Minority in Parliament briefly disrupted the State of the Nation address (SONA) of President Akufo-Addo with pro-Mahama chants.

Ahead of the address, the Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin introduced dignitaries invited into the house for the event on Tuesday, February 27, 2024.

Speaker announced the names to the cheers of the legislators. One by one, the lists grew.

The Minority erupted into a thunderous roar when the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama was named.

They chanted, ‘JM will be back.’

Despite the Speaker’s call for order, the spirited singing and cheering persisted.

The introduction of Bawumia also drew reactions from the MPs, prolonging the noisy atmosphere.

After 5 minutes, the Speaker stood on his feet with a stern look at the NDC side of the aisle.

“When the Speaker is on his feet, everybody else is seated and quiet. That is parliament.” He cautioned against flouting the rules, emphasizing the formality of the occasion and the consequences of disregarding protocol, particularly in an election year.

His words restored order, and the House resumed proceedings peacefully.