File photo: L-R: Freda Rhymz, Sista Afia and Eno Barony
File photo: L-R: Freda Rhymz, Sista Afia and Eno Barony

Bossu Kule, musician Sista Afia’s manager, has asked entertainment pundicts not to make his artistes topics or subjects of discussion going forward.

A livid Bossu Kule’s rant comes on the back of pundits’ attempts to compare Sista Afia to other artistes he considers ‘by-force’ artistes.

The discussion came to an end with the analysts espousing diverse opinions about the relevance of the You Got Nerves hitmaker.

The situation has infuriated the manager who has sent a strong warning to the pundits and media not to cause a rift between female musicians by creating unnecessary agenda.


“From now on, no media platform should add Sista Afia when making these stupid comparisons”, he said, before claiming the ‘by-force rivals’ have confessed to being intimidated by Afia’s talent.

The likes of Fantana, Wendy Shay, eShun were mentioned in the interview, and according to Bossu Kule, it is disrespectful for these artistes, whom he claimed have not even sold out a venue, to be compared to his artiste.

He said the only female acts Sista Afia can be compared to are some A-rated artiste she has taken inspiration from before joining the industry; the likes of Efya, Becca and Adina.

On why he feels Sista Afia is big enough, he said, she has managed to bag some collaborations with the top men in the industry and deserves respect for that.