A ‘trotro’ driver, who has inked a tattoo of Shatta Wale at his back, had to park his commercial bus at Kokomlemle to catch a glimpse of Shatta Wale at Hitz FM on Friday.

The driver refused to mention his name and was even denied access when he tried to invade Hitz FM’s studio to meet his idol.

Sports presenter, George Addo Jnr, who witnessed the driver’s ordeal with his passengers prior to the start of Shatta Wale’s interview, said he ordered the bus conductor (mate) to return the passengers’ fares because of the one-time moment.

He was stopped by our security and he did not want to go back. He asked the passengers to come out of the ‘trotro.’ And the passengers took their money to board another bus, he said on the Daybreak Hitz show.


After he was given access to meet Shatta Wale, the driver took off his shirt and revealed the tattoo to him, the panelists and host Andy Dosty.

Shatta Wale, after encountering the fan, was dumbfounded and apologised to the passengers who boarded his vehicle before the incident.

It was such an emotional moment and both parties got teary and hugged till they parted ways in the studio.

When Shatta Wale asked for his name and contact, the driver said they were not necessary because meeting him alone was a blessing.

Watch the video below: