Shatta Wale

Dancehall musician, Charles Nii Armah Mensah, popularly known as Shatta Wale, has taken to social media to address industry players over the recently-held Global Citizen Festival 2022 at the Black Star Square.

According to him, the organisers of the show will be queried over why he was not billed for the 10th edition of the global event that took off on September 24.

Shatta Wale also alleged that some gatekeepers blocked his brand from performing at the event yet after the event “everyone is talking about me.”

“I am the kind of artiste that when they do a whole show in Ghana, and the president of Ghana even goes, after the show, they will talk about a different artiste,” he said.

“Ghana them do them Global Citizen finish everyone dey talk about me. And it’s sad when the global citizen company dey love a guy like Shatta Wale and you people didn’t put him on. And people be like he’s a bad boy, he is crazy, and he doesn’t know what he is doing. You people are f**ls, [SIC]” he said.

The dancehall musician also said he has not been celebrated enough since “I stopped prophets from prophesying negatively about musicians.”

Shatta Wale dragged a prophet to court following a doom prophecy that alleged that he will die in a year’s time.

Speaking on the matter, he said Ghanaians have not hailed him enough since the issue has prevented most pastors from toeing the same line.

“Up till now man sacrifice himself for pastor no dey give prophecy you people don’t even say thank you.”

The ‘One Don’ hitmaker also added that, “I sacrificed for Ghanaian musicians to enter Nigeria. Prophet said I will die in a year time, it’s a year now. Are you sure you are worshipping God?”

Touching on the current state of Ghana’s economy and Ghanaians bashing the incumbent government, Shatta said: “I don’t blame anyone. The President should know that is why the masses are pissed, and you are not listening to them. You people are forming a cartel and people are pissed and hungry, all because of such decisions.”