All eyes were on Ghanaian actress, Selly Galley when she tried to give veteran actor, Fred Amugi a haircut.

Trying her hands on something she probably has not done before, was the funny moment captured by

The actress in the salon of Silver Haircut Ghana, yesterday, gave special treats to fathers in a bid to put smiles on their faces as the world celebrates Father’s Day.

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Selly Galley in her quest to shave Mr Amugi became a laughing stock as she struggled to do the needful.

Her husband, Big J instigated the mockery and pointed out how his wife has failed to do ‘justice’ to a simple haircut.

He revealed Selly has, for some time, dared to give him a nice shave but his doubts of her being a skilled barber has been confirmed.

Selly, together with her husband, Cartel Big J, and some celebrities including the likes of Prince David Osei, Adjetey Annan were present for the special treat.

Watch the funny video below: