Kwesi Arthur, hip pop artiste

Rapper Kwesi Arthur has issued a warning to aspiring musicians, advising them to ensure they invest in legal services to review their contracts thoroughly.

His advice comes amid rumours of disputes between him and his record label, which has led to his absence from the music scene for a period, leaving fans curious about his whereabouts.

The ‘Grind Day’ crooner allegedly encountered challenges with his record label when attempting to renegotiate his contract, with certain clauses proving difficult to amend.

Reflecting on his experience, he stressed the importance of having legal counsel to scrutinize contracts, cautioning against signing agreements hastily out of eagerness.

In a recent interview with 3Music, Kwesi Arthur, who had been residing in the US for several months, announced his return, affirming his commitment to his music career.

Nonetheless, his words serve as a reminder to emerging artists of the importance of legal protection in navigating the music industry.