Former MP Ayensuano

A Former Member of Parliament (MP) for Ayesuano, Samuel Aye Paye has made a passionate appeal to the Ministry for Roads and Highways and Transport Ministry to save Metro Mass and Aayalolo from collapse.

Speaking on Adom TV Badwam show, he called for the removal of the taxes and levies on fuel and lubricants for the public transport system.

The former Chairman of the Roads and transport committee of Parliament indicated that, the move will save Metro Mass Transit and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Aayalolo transits 30% operational cost.

“I’m appealing to government to support Metro Mass and Aayalolo. There is no where around the globe that a company that provides intra-city services/bus system is not given subsidies. That is why Aayalolo and Metro Mass are suffering. At least let’s exempt the fuel and lubricants taxes and levies,” he said.

“When I was chairman for the Roads Committee, we did an analysis that showed that if taxes and levies on fuel and lubricants are removed from theirs, it will save them 30% of their operational cost. I made that proposal in Parliament but I didn’t get the support,” the former MP bemoaned.

Mr Aye Paye is convinced if Metro Mass and Aayalolo work efficiently, productivity will increase.

Commuters including workers and students on the Accra-Nsawam stretch who rely on commercial drivers are left stranded mostly during weekdays.

Due to the construction works on the major road, residents at Pokuase, Amasaman, Pobiman and its environs spend hours by the roadside before getting buses to their destinations.

The non-availability of access roads and potholes have left many buses in a bad state leading to a hike in transportation fares.