Salma Mumin
Salma Mumin

Telecommunications company, MTN Ghana, has threatened to sue actress Salma Mumin in the court of law after the latter ‘lied’ in a now-deleted post that accused MTN of defrauding her.

In a recent post, the actress lambasted MTN for her missing money in her Momo account.

I believe it’s your workers! It must be looked into. My money must be found…this is becoming unbecoming.


She further said: You assure us of our monies being safe with you but it’s all lies. You people must pay our monies to us [SIC].

But MTN, reacting to this, said Miss Mumin is lying to the public as an influencer, hence they will be compelled to take legal action against her if she doesn’t come out and apologise in less than 24 hours.

Read the release below:

We wish to state categorically for the records that the claims made in the post are false and misleading to the public and the poster’s Instagram followers.

As @salmamumin is very much aware, the said amount was not in her MoMo Merchant Wallet and no money had been taken from her MoMo Merchant Wallet as claimed.

She has been engaged in this leading to the apparent deletion of the said post.

By this rejoinder, we demand that @salmamumin immediately apologises to MTN Ghana within 24 hours of this publication.

The apology must state clearly that her claim that MTN Ghana has taken money from her wallet was false and given same prominence as that of her initial post, failing which the business will be compelled to take legal action against her.

Please be advised accordingly.

MTN Ghana Corporate Communications

The actress has since apologised.