Salma Mumin

Actress Salma Mumin has taken to Instagram to lambast one of the telecommunication companies in Ghana after her huge sum of money was allegedly withdrawn without her consent.

According to her, she cannot believe how insecure their services could be though they insist nobody can withdraw monies without the required approval.

Talking about the unfortunate incident, the influencer said she believes it was an internal job because no one had access to her private code.

I believe its your workers! It must be looked into. My money must be found…this is becoming unbecoming.

She further said: You assure us of our monies being safe with you but it’s all lies. You people must pay our monies to us [SIC].

She then urged everyone who had been caught in similar fate to voice out on social media by tagging the said company.


If you have been defrauded before by this means please tag your service provider here. This is our hard-earned money, she wrote.

He statement was supported by others who claimed their monies were also taken without approval.

Zylofon Music’s latest Signee, Tisha told her how someone accessed her account but unfortunately she didn’t have enough funds to aid the transactions.

Huni! The other day I was just holding my phone going through feeds on Instagram and received a pop up message saying “there’s not sufficient balance to perform this transaction”! When I had performed no transactions, she told miss Mumin