Born-again fetish priestess, Patricia Asiedua, also known as, Nana Agradaa, has fulfilled her promise to burn all her deities following her conversion to Christianity.

Nana Agradaa at a press conference on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, denounced idolatry to take up a new role as an Evangelistic.

She also indicated that she will parade several powerful men of God in Ghana to the room where her deities are kept on Thursday to burn them as part of her fresh start.

True to her words, she has taken some people to her residence at Sowutuom, a suburb in Accra for the exercise.

A man of God whose identity is not immediately known led a prayer session and testified that the fetish priestess had truly turned a new leaf.

Participants, clad mainly in white apparel, cheered and clapped amid the shouting of “Amen” as the burning of the gods went on.


The pastor burnt items including Agradaa’s smock which had been packed in front of the house and set them ablaze.

In spite of the fact that her conversion has stirred mixed reactions, Agradaa maintains that while in the custody of National Security, she made a vow to become a Minister of God if He saw her through her trial and has initiated plans to fulfill it.

She now wants to be addressed as Evangelist Patricia Asiedua Oduro Koranteng, having fulfilled Christian requirements including baptism.

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