Popular fetish priest, Nana Kwaku Bonsam, has reacted to the news of Nana Agradaa’s convertion to Christianity.

Nana Bonsam says he’s not in the position to fault Agradaa over her conversion but has advised her to ensure that she does not speak ill of those who are still in the deity-worshipping business.

In a video that is available to us, Kwaku Bonsam said even though he’s never met Agradaa in person before, he liked her because they were in the same business.


He also raised concerns over Agradaa saying that she would be burning her deities live on TV in the coming days.

He has also taken issues with Agradaa’s notice that she was going to burn her gods because according to him, god’s are spirits and can’t be burnt.

He wished Agradaa well in her new endeavour, reiterating his earlier admonition for her to be decorous in whatever she says about the gods and idol worshippers.

Asked if he would accept an invitation from Agradaa to join Christianity, Kwaku Bonsam laughed sarcastically and said that would not happen.

He explained that there are many pastors who depend on him for powers to run their churches, therefore, there will be no point in joining them.

Watch the video below: