Agradaa and Opambour
Agradaa and Opambour

Nana Agradaa is no more a fetish priestess after publicly announcing at a press conference that she’s found Christ.

But, that was not the only public announcement she made as she also took the opportunity to publicly apologise to men-of-God she had attacked in the past.

Agradaa was famous for her running battles with some pastors, especially Rev Obofuor and Opambuor.

Perhaps to show that she has really turned on a new leaf, the one-time priestess has apologised to the pastors including Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom, also known as Opambour, Prophet Oduro, gospel singer Nicholas Omani Acheampong, among others.

“Anybody I have spoken against when I was in the world should forgive me. I was blind at the time.

“My brother Omane Acheampong, my father Opambour, our father Oduro, Pep Donkor, and all those I don’t remember, please forgive me,” she said in her public apology.

Watch her apology video below: