Nana Agradaa
Nana Agradaa

A video that shows how popular traditional priestess, Nana Agradaa, born Patricia Aseidu performs her ‘sika gari ritual’ is making rounds on social media.

In the video, the priestess is seen seated in what looks like a shrine as she attends to a man who came to see her for ‘help’.

The man said he had come to seek better fortune and wealth since poverty had turned him into an enemy for his own family.


The said man said he had come to the shrine with the sum of GHC1,000 and was asked by Nana Agradaa to drop it into a pot.

After doing just that, Nana Agradaa requested a huge bowl from her assistant, placed it in front of her, and covered it with a cloth.

She then uncovered the bowl halfway and poured what looked like powder into the bowl and covered it fully again.

Agradaa then led the man to make some incantations while her assistant rang a bell continuously.

Within split seconds, Agradaa uncovered the bowl and it was filled to the brim with different cedi denominations.

Watch the video below: