JJ Rawlings and Zanetor
Late JJ Rawlings and daughter

Former President Jerry John Rawlings is of the firm conviction that his daughter, Dr Zanetor Rawlings, has a good future in politics if evil does not triumph.

To him, the Klottey Korley Constituency Member of Parliament is a very dedicated, highly disciplined and brilliant person and the country needs people like her.

“If evil does not triumph, my daughter has a good future in politics because she is a very good person.


“Yesterday, she posted something on Twitter and I couldn’t help but reach out to her how amazing she is in politics,” he said on Accra-based Asaase FM, monitored by Adomonline.com.

Mr Rawlings said he is not shocked that Dr Zanetor went into the medical profession and now politics, adding he strongly believes her presence will change the face of these sectors.

Asked if she is in the right party when her mother’s party is there, he said: “As for that one, I will not comment on it. It’s her own decision whether to join her mother’s party or not.”

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