Renowned Economist, Administrator, and Writer, Professor Emeritus Stephen Adei has vehemently refuted a statement attributed to him by an X user identified as @nyavorx, which seeks to tarnish President Akufo-Addo.

The former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration asserts that he has never made such a claim.

In response to the allegation circulating on social media, Prof. Adei in a statement said, “My attention has been drawn to an X (formerly Twitter) post by one @nyavorx on Friday, March 29, 2024, which purports that I Stephen Adei has said, ‘If we do not REVIEW this CONSTITUTION and in the unlikely event we get another power drunk and autocratic man like Nana Addo, as for me I’d have visited my grave.’ I want to state categorically that this is false news. I have never made such a statement.”

Prof. Adei emphasized that the statement is an attempt to cause mischief and breed disaffection.

He points out the disturbing insinuation of his potential demise in the fabricated statement, expressing his readiness to face any eventualities.

“The statement is by an individual with malicious intent trying to cause mischief and stir up disaffection. Worse still the one envisages my death soon, which as a believer in Jesus I have no problem with, even though I may attend the funeral of such an evil person.”

“On the content, first, as a former international diplomat and public servant, I will not use words such as “power drunk” and “autocratic man” about His Excellency, the President of Ghana.

“Second, I don’t believe our President is power drunk neither do I see him as an autocratic nor does our Constitution, though not perfect, allow a President to be so.

“Since the mischief is supposed to have occurred in the premises of Joy FM by virtue of the associated background used, I would, therefore, entreat Joy FM to give this rejoinder the publicity it deserves

“As 2024 is an election year, people would like to hide behind social media to perpetrate all kinds of false news to sow discord among Ghanaians. I entreat all and sundry to be careful and circumspect in their actions and reactions to false news. “Trust but verify,” Prof. Adei counseled.