Prince David Osei campaigns for the New Patriotic Party in 2020.
Prince David Osei campaigns for the New Patriotic Party in 2020.

Actor Prince David Osei has evaluated the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s performance during its nearly eight years in power, assigning them a rating of seven out of ten.

According to him, regardless of COVID-19 challenges, the government has done creditably well.

However, Prince David Osei believes that the Akufo-Addo government has not performed as well when it comes to the creative arts industry.

Speaking on Showbiz A-Z on Joy FM, he expressed his longstanding concern regarding the insufficient focus on the creative sector by the government.

“I’ve always been saying that enough attention is not being paid to the creative sector, and the ministers and the deputy ministers and the people who are part of us that we put in place of authority are not doing much,” the actor said.

“I believe the creative arts (industry) should be well-equipped. We should get more of the national cake,” Prince David Osei noted.

He stated that there is a huge misconception that people in the arts do not contribute as much to the country’s development but from the work they do, the creatives also pay their quota to the country.

The actor also highlighted their role in providing entertainment and therapeutic value to the public, emphasizing the importance of respecting and investing in the creative arts.

Prince David Osei added that “until we start respecting the creative arts and paying attention to it, we are not going to be benefiting as much as we are supposed to.

“This is because a lot of people tend to look down on actors, and musicians, but we have the platform and we have the numbers.”

“We can convince the people, persuade the people and cause great change in governance and also get involved in the political discourse,” he said.