Popular Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar, has confirmed reports she is down with a strange ailment, the reason for her absence in the movie scene.

Years back, news were rife that the A-rated actress was suffering a stomach-swelling ailment when she was missing from major red carpets and plush events.

She, however, denied all rumours, insisting that she was pregnant.

But, in the wake of her mysterious aliment, she has admitted to have been living a lie.

According to her, her stomach has enlarged since the last five years, and all medical care have failed to cure the sickness.

Hamila revealed in a video that her initial suspicion of pregnancy and fibroid were rubbished by medical scans, yet her stomach keeps bloating.

To prevent the public from getting wind of her predicament, she made up an elaborate story of her pregnancy and subsequent childbirth, all of which she has confessed never happened.

She revealed her entire look has changed and she is forced to wear makeup anytime she is to step out or even make a video call.