The Pharmacy Council has shut down a Mamprobi-Agege-based Over-the-Counter Medicines (OTCM) facility found to be illicitly dispensing tramadol to a drug addict.

A statement issued by the Council explained the closure was on Monday.

This was after an intervention was prompted by a tip-off from two vigilant police officers who witnessed the addict adding a substance, later identified as tramadol, to his drink.

A formal report was lodged with the Pharmacy Council, leading to swift enforcement measures being taken.

“Upon further questioning, the individual admitted to lacing his drink with tramadol and revealed that he had obtained the drug from the aforementioned OTCM shop. Acting promptly, the officers confronted the facility’s owner, who displayed a defiant and uncooperative attitude during the interrogation,” portions of the statement read.

Meanwhile, the Council says the facility owner and her staff are set to face the disciplinary committee of the Council.

The statement explained they will be required to explain to the Council stocking and dispensing a prescription-only medicine without appropriate authorisation.

Below is the Council’s statement: