Patapaa, the One Corner hitmaker
Patapaa, the 'One Corner' hitmaker

One Corner hitmaker, Patapaa Amisty, cracked listeners’ ribs with an English Bible-reading session on live radio.

During an interview on Accra-based radio station, Okay FM, the host of the show requested he reads part of the bible for his listeners.

But, in an initial attempt to decline the offer, Patapaa said not all pastors read the bible, the reason they have interpreters, citing Bishop Obinim as his example.


After several minutes his protest failed, he hilariously read Psalm 105:1 and Ezekiel 27 as he beat himself to some words in the verse.

So bad and hilarious was the reading that the host of the show, Abeiku Santana asked George Quaye to guide Patapaa in pronouncing the words.

Amisty, however, declined the offer rather requesting the listeners to take his reading anyhow they heard it.