Patapaa and his wife

Highlife artiste, Patapaa and his German wife are still in a honeymoon mood as they display love while playing game of cards

With both dressed in jerseys, Liha Miller seemed to be beating Patapaa to the local game, while he sat still in dismay.

Patapaa feigned ignorance of the game when it became clear to him that he was losing.

Liha, on the other hand, received support from the onlookers and was excited.


After the game ended abruptly, the two were locked up in a hot pose at a place believed to be their Swedru home.

Liha with a bended knee posed in front of Patapaa who could not help but admire her backside.

Patapaa and Liha Miller

Liha posted the photo on her Instagram page with the caption “We Greet Everyone Who Fear Dogs But Love Their Style.”