Heavy rainfall on Thursday night has once again led to flooding in parts of Accra, causing distress among residents and commuters.

Areas such as Labadi, Kpogas, Trade Fair, and their environs have been particularly affected, with reports of submerged streets and properties.

Additionally, the stretch from West Hills Mall to Old Barrier has also experienced flooding, compounding the challenges faced by residents.

The Ghana Meteorological Agency has issued warnings of more rains, heightening concerns among affected residents about the possibility of further flooding and its consequences.

This latest flooding incident comes just days after a similar occurrence on Tuesday, which left residents in SCC, Weija, and Kasoa areas stranded for over eight hours as they struggled to navigate through flooded roads to reach their destinations.

The recurrence of flooding in these areas  begs for the urgent need for comprehensive and sustainable measures to address the city’s drainage and flood management systems.