Afrobeats and highlife musician, Kelvyn Boy says Deputy Minister for Creative Arts, Mark Okraku-Mantey should not have accepted his position if he knew he couldn’t champion their cause.

In an earlier Tweet, the singer slammed Mr Okraku-Mantey for going off the radar since he became a Deputy Minister.

He tweeted: “Ok so now to Creative Arts. Where Mark Okraku-Mantey dey? Since he became Dep. Minister for our space, he’s grown awfully silent. For an outspoken, extrovert like Mark, I’m a bit surprised. What really dey go on?!”

But a fan tried defending Mark by replying, “Kelvynboy, he is a deputy minister and he can’t do anything. Even if he wants to bring up something to help the creative industry, it’ll have to go through channels first. What if they disagree? Deputy ministers don’t really do any work.”

But Kelvyn Boy in reply wrote: “He should have turned down the offer if he knew he couldn’t do anything in that position. Also, why do Ghanaian hate Bawumia so much if he’s the deputy and not doing anything?”

Check out the exchange below:

Okraku-Mantey shouldn’t have accepted Deputy Minister position if ineffective – Kelvyn Boy replies critic