Popular Ghanaian music artiste, Odartei Milla Lamptey, better known as ‘Gasmilla’, has ranked his hit track ‘Telemo’ as better than any of music artiste, Ebony’s songs.
According to him, none of Ebony’s tunes can match up to ‘Telemo’, which he released in the year 2014.
In a report, he claimed that ‘Telemo’ was the toast of all Ghanaians for nine months, and was peerless, even when matched with other songs from him, such as ‘3 points’, ‘Aboodantoi’ and ‘Letter to the government’.
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The reason, he revealed to Graphic Showbiz, was because the hit song was akin to the ‘old school hits’ which usually reign for a long time.
Songs from the self-acclaimed 90’s bad girl, he believes, are fleeting, as they only last for a few months, only for another to take over.
He further stated that usually, all music artistes release one top song in their entire career, and that wraps it up for them.
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‘Telemo’, he said, was the toast of all Ghanaians for the year 2014. Gasmilla noted that Ghanaians enjoyed Nana Boroo’s ‘Aha Ye De’, as well as D-Cryme’s ‘Kill Me Shy’.
These artistes, he emphasized, have found it difficult to come out again with songs as good as those two.