Nhyiraba Kojo
Nhyiraba Kojo

Singer and entrepreneur, Nhyiraba Koo has pledged his support to comedian Funny Face, offering financial assistance amounting to GH₵20,000.

Funny Face recently faced legal issues after being involved in an accident while undergoing psychological distress, resulting in his temporary remand into police custody.

Following his release, Funny Face lamented the loss of potential sponsorships and brand deals due to his public outburst.

Expressing concern over Funny Face’s experiences, Nhyiraba Kojo appealed for empathy towards the comic actor, particularly in light of his mental health challenges.

Kojo urged industry stakeholders not to ostracize Funny Face but to afford him another opportunity to rebuild his career and life.

In extending his support, Nhyiraba Kojo pledge to hand over GH₵20,000 to alleviate his burden.

Nhyiraba Kojo also called for prayer for Funny Face, acknowledging that anyone could find themselves in similar circumstances.