The body of Abigail Frederick, the makeup artist who tragically lost her life in the same marine accident that claimed the life of popular actor Junior Pope, has been exhumed.

Abigail was laid to rest at the bank of the Anam River, where the unfortunate incident occurred.

Due to financial constraints preventing her family from transporting her remains to their hometown in Akwa Ibom, residents buried her at the bank in accordance to traditional rites.

However, the Akwa Ibom state government, led by Pastor Umo Bassey Eno have intervened and made arrangements to repatriate Abigail’s body for proper burial.

In an emotional visit, government officials met with Abigail’s grieving family, who were still reeling from the shock of her untimely passing.

In compliance with the government’s directive, Abigail’s body was exhumed from its original resting place at the river bank.

It will now be transported to her parents, allowing them to bid their final farewell and lay their beloved daughter to rest in her hometown.