Patience Ozokwo
Patience Ozokwor

Iconic Nollywood actress, Patience Ozokwor, has explained her decision not to give up acting despite facing challenges in her personal life, particularly regarding her husband’s illness.

In an interview, the veteran remarked that abandoning her passion for acting simply because of marital obligations was not acceptable.

She likened it to advising a trained nurse to abandon her profession simply because of marital obligations, which she opined is unreasonable.

Recalling a difficult period when her husband fell ill, Patience Ozokwor shared that she received pressure from her family members to prioritize her husband’s care over her career, but she refused.

She explained that not only is acting her career, it is her source of happiness and solace.

She fondly recalled how her husband encouraged her to continue acting, even during his moments of sickness. He would often request they watch her movies together.

Throughout her husband’s illness, Patience Ozokwor ensured that he received the best medical care, even at times when she was absent to film.

The veteran advised her followers to maintain a delicate balance between their profession and responsibilities as spouses.