Dr. Paul Opoku-Mensah

The Executive Director of the National Cathedral SecretariatDr Paul Opoku-Mensah, has denied claims that an amount of GH¢28 million has been paid to a US consultant, Cary Summers, to organise a fundraiser in the US for the National Cathedral project.

According to him, the amount was rather paid to the Nehemiah group—of which Cary Summers, the founding President of the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC, and one of the world’s leading experts on religious theme parks, is the CEO.

In a statement dated January 7, Dr Opoku Mensah explained that “this contract is for a set of consultancy services, the most important being the coordination of work on the National Cathedral’s Bible Museum of Africa, and the Biblical Gardens of Africa. As we have indicated, the integration of the Bible Museum –the largest in the world when completed – and the Biblical Gardens are aimed at transforming Ghana into a hub for international pilgrimage and tourism.”

The statement further explained that, “the work of the National Cathedral’s Bible Museum and Biblical Gardens involves some of the leading global firms, who between them have worked on some of the major museums in the world. They include: Kubik Maltbie; PRD; Cortina Productions; JMC. The payments to the Nehemiah group, therefore, is not to Cary Summers to organize a fundraiser, but to these world-class firms for their work on the Bible Museum and Biblical Gardens.”

Dr Opoku-Mensah stated that although the allegation is unfounded, it is not strange.

“…a project of this nature that significantly raises the issues of faith and national development will always have its discontents, malcontents, as well as those who would use lies, and reckless populist statements to give the impression of wanting accountability,” he asserted.

According to him, “the Board and Management of the National Cathedral Project remains focused and committed to the completion of the National Cathedral, and would continue to do so with diligence, integrity, excellence, and accountability.”