Nigerian singer, Davido has made it clear his love for music supersedes the benefits he reaps from the show business.

In his latest interview, the musician whose father has about $700 million dollars as his net worth, said if not for his passion for being a musician, he would have been a billionaire by now.

Making his point without any sense of ambiguity, Davido also disclosed that his brothers who are mostly businessmen are way richer than him hence he could easily join follow their trail to success.


The singer made these assertions to counter claims that he is envious of other musicians who are equally at par with him in the Nigerian music industry.

According to Davido, he loves everyone equally and wouldn’t waste time to hate the craft of another person.

I don’t have to hate on anyone, if I don’t do music today, all my brothers are richer than me … if I go work for … do you know how many power plants we have?

If I go work in an office I can be a billionaire tomorrow in dollars, I am doing this because I love the craft, the FEM hitmaker told the host.

Watch the video below: