After 21 years of absence from the music scene, journalist turned highlife musician, Symplemann Cantey of ‘Onuga Ni Otwaa abɛ’ fame is currently putting finishing touches to his remix collection to mark his return.

The man, whose unique style won him an enviable admiration, left the music scene to pursue personal interests in Germany. He also got the opportunity to teach African rhythms.

Symplemann Cantey’s decision to return to music is not planned. It happened as a result of a request by one of his ardent fans who identified him at JoyNews’ flagship entertainment programme, ‘the 90s Jam’, which is held annually in January at the Silver Star Towers at the Airport City.

On that fateful night, the musician, who was in Ghana for a short visit from his German base, decided to have fun at ‘the 90s Jam’.

While there, at around midnight, someone approached him and asked why he has abandoned his fans for such a long time.

The fan proceeded to inform Cantey that he stopped schooling to pursue music based on the inspiration he derived from him (the musician) unfortunately, he never found Cantey again until the reunion at ‘the 90s jam’.

Music fan at JoyNews '90s jam' sparks return of Symplemann Cantey

He described it as a turning point with regards to his music career.

“I had to fight my emotions, I had to delve deep into my energy to continue to stay at this particular event. It was so difficult I couldn’t stand and I had to leave.

“It was like it pierced me straight into my heart and of course it was such a huge turning point. It was like I got struck by thunderbolt,” said Symplemann Cantey.

For the past 21 years, he has been lecturing in Germany where he lives with his family.

The musician came on a holiday three years ago and heard on radio that Joy FM was organising a big entertainment programme.

In an interview with Symplemann Cantey said the remix has 14 tracks with eight Twi songs and six Ga songs.

The songs include; ‘Abrabo Santrofi’, suo bɛ yɛ buo dɛn?’  ‘Okwantuni’,  ‘Abotrɛ’, ‘Obama ɛdeine neho’, ‘Minim’, ‘MIG’, ‘Suumo anyɛmi’,  ‘Kuu osɛɛ’,  ‘Jama mashi’, ‘Loflo ni yaa’, ‘Kaa nyɛ mi’,  ‘Suumo anyɛmi’ ( new version).

He said he loved every moment of the event adding that the music atmosphere was highly exciting. ” I have never been to a show like that in Ghana before,” he said.

Music fan at JoyNews '90s jam' sparks return of Symplemann Cantey

After completing Manifold Journalism School, he started his music career with a music manual that helped him to learn how to play many instruments.

He advised the young musicians to take their education seriously while pursuing their music career.

Sympmann Cantey wants to leave behind a legacy of “building blocks of hope, a bridge over trouble waters and serve as an ambassador of good songs”.