A latest interview with a branch leader of a church, identified as Osofo Acheampong, has had netizens doubting the doctrines he has grown up adhering to.

Per Osofo Acheampong’s perspective of Christianity, having multiple partners is in no way a sin, as has been chastised by multiple religious denominations.

Citing some verses, he claims the ‘side chick’ syndrome is Biblical and 100% good.

According to the Man of God, having multiple sexual relations is hundred percent (100%) good.

“Multiple sexual relationships are very very good. If I’m asked to give a percentage, I will give 100% not even take 1% out of it,” he stressed.


For his colleagues, who preach against multiple relationships, Osofo Acheampong said they are heading in the wrong direction.

He referenced some great prophets who were used mightily by God though they engaged in extramarital affairs. He cited Abraham, Moses, David, and King Solomon, in the media interview.