Founder of International Power Praise Chapel, Prophet Kingsley Gyamfi aka Bible Nokwafo has shared his stance on polygamy and extra-marital affairs, stating that it is not a sin for pastors to have ‘side chicks’.

This accounts for his public involvement with the late Dr. Grace Boadu, which has sparked concerns among Christians.

The married man cannot fathom the name calling and public shaming as he has not committed any sin against humanity.

In an interview on the Delay Show, Prophet Kingsley opined that, God does not frown on polygamy, as it all depends on the pocket of the individual.

According to him, as long as a person can adequately care for multiple partners, there should be no moral qualms.

Drawing from biblical examples, Prophet Kingsley referenced prominent figures in the Bible known for their multiple wives and concubines, who were still revered and blessed by God.

He cited Solomon, David and other well-known womanizers, yet were described as the special eyes of God and God gave them the daunting task of building his holy temples.

When confronted with the notion that such practices are largely associated with the Old Testament, and modern Christians no longer adhere to its teachings, the Prophet countered that since those verses are still in the Bible, it is valid to live by them.