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In a bold move that unfolded in court, a woman from Harare recently dragged her boyfriend’s wife to court, accusing her of breaching the peace.

According to H-Metro, Fabina Charuwanza initiated legal action against his boyfriend’s wife, Stella Mwenda.

She accused her of breaching the peace by posting pictures of Charuwanza on social media and allegedly stalking her.

Charuwanza stood firm in her plea, demanding the removal of her pictures from Mwenda’s phone and an immediate halt to the dissemination of her images across social platforms. Charuwanza claimed that she did not know that her boyfriend was a married man.

“I didn’t know that they are lawfully wedded because I saw his profile in a singles WhatsApp group,” Charuwanza stated during the proceedings.

Mwenda, who has three children with her husband, did not contest the peace order application. However, she clarified that her actions followed an earnest attempt to locate Charuwanza’s address by searching her home.

“She is my husband’s girlfriend, and I wedded at Rotten Row, and they said that it is a one-wife marriage act and if I find my husband cheating, I should sue his girlfriend,” Mwenda told the court.

Expressing her distress, Mwenda revealed the strain on her marriage, citing her husband’s absence for the past four months and their lack of intimacy due to Charuwanza’s involvement.

“I am not his ex-wife, as she falsely claimed in her submissions. I have three children with him, and she needs to understand that,” Mwenda emphasized.

Following the intense courtroom exchange, Magistrate Sharon Mashavira ruled in favour of Charuwanza, granting her the peace order she sought against Mwenda.