A New York-based man has got Ghanaians ‘oohing and aahing’ as videos of his electrifying performance during his wedding goes viral.

The American, identified as Stephen Victor, made his guests breathless when he took over the microphone to sing for his Ghanaian bride, Melissa.

The man, who can barely speak the local Twi language, chose Kwesi Arthur’s Don’t Keep Me Waiting featuring KiDi to express his heartfelt emotions for his bride.

In what was a dramatic moment, he rattled all the lyrics while inserting gestures, a move which had Melissa bursting with joy.

She could be seen dancing to her husband’s tune at the colourful ceremony believed to have taken place in Ghana.

Among the many Ghanaians that have applauded him for making the effort, Kwesi Arthur showed him love and declared his performance as great.


Prior to their traditional wedding, he had eulogised Melissa in a lengthy post on Instagram for opening the doors of her home to him in his struggling period.

He also thanked her for their two children, pets, surprise engagement party, among other things.

Watch video below: