Popular relationship advisor, Dr Umar Johnson, has married two women at the same time in an event he broadcasted on Instagram Live.

On Sunday, the 47-year-old’s official Instagram page posted a photo from his wedding. Footage from the supposed weekend nuptials has also circulated online.

In one clip, the two women walked down the aisle side by side, looking very happy as they exchange vows together before the august crowd.

Dr. Umar wedding via Twitter

The activist then gave a speech to his brides promising to honour them throughout their three-way union.

In his words: ”To my two lovely queens, I thank the creator for the both of you. Afrikan vanilla and Afrikan lemonade. I promise to honour you both forever. I will never leave your side. I shall never look upon another woman in any way other than a sister. I thank you for coming into my world, into my life.

“You are the only two women I need. You are the left side of my heart and you are the right. Until the day we leave to be with our ancestors. I promise to always honour you as the goddess that you are. May God protect our family. May God bless our union.”

After delivering his speech, he was seen getting on his knees as he puts on a ring on one of the women’s fingers.

He kissed her hand and she, being nice and all, helped the second woman by offering to hold her flower bouquet while he did the same to the second woman.

He then took turns to hug both women. He later stood between his new wives again and wrapped his hands around them as the crowd cheers.