Actress Moesha Boduong is tiptoeing into Nigerian as she is adopting some culture of the fatherland.

For a few weeks now, Moesha has been making waves in Ghana with photos of her having fun along with other celebrities.

Now, the socialite has advanced, declaring herself a royal, particularly Queen of Benin, the fourth largest city in Nigeria.

With her curvy body, Moesha fits into the city which is well known for its attraction – bronze sculpture, thick body, beads adornment, and casting skills.

Moesha Boduong ‘installed’ Queen in Nigeria

Moesha announced she will henceforth be known as Queen Moesha Adesuwa Boduong, adding she is now standing in the centre of wealth.

The 31-year-old was spotted in red traditional wear adorned with matching beads and crown-like headgear.

In a photo she posted on her Instagram page, Moesha sat elegantly on a throne with artworks displayed in the background.

She stunned observers with a catwalk as she was ushered into her new self-acclaimed position.

Moesha Boduong ‘installed’ Queen in Nigeria

Video below: