Moesha Boduong / Photo source: Instagram
Moesha Boduong / Photo source: Instagram

Ghanaian celebrities including Efya and Akuapem Poloo have joined forces to raise funds for their colleague, Moesha Boduong, who is currently down with stroke.

The celebrities have promoted the GoFundMe campaign aimed at raising $10,000 for Moesha.

The funds will be used to cover medical expenses, therapy sessions, assistive devices, and any other resources needed to aid her recovery.

Currently, the life-altering stroke has also affected Moesha’s ability to move.

Efya urged Ghanaians to support, admonishing that every penny will go a long way in fighting the health battle.

Akuapem Poloo also took to social media to share fond memories of her encounters with Moesha.

Expressing concern over the seriousness of Moesha’s condition, Poloo called on her followers to join hands and contribute to supporting Moesha during this challenging time.

“Oh sis, I didn’t know things had gotten this serious 🤦‍♀️. God, please have mercy and heal my sis @moeshaboduong for me 🙏. Fam, please in any way we can help to support her so she gets better, please with God, let’s do it. Our sister needs our help now,” Akuapem Poloo wrote.

Both celebrities have pledged to contribute their own quota to help raise the targeted $10,000 for Moesha’s stroke treatment.