A pastor at the Kingdom of No Weapon Church is currently heartbroken after his fiancée’s father declined to give his daughter’s hand in marriage after a shocking response he gave to his relationship question.

Honouring a visit to formally express his interest in his lover, Emmanuella, Pastor Benjamin Nketia was asked by the family how many women he had dated, and his response was 72.

Narrating his heartbreaking ordeal on Nhyira FM’s Obra, Pastor Nketia said the father asked again for clarity, and his response changed to “for the ones I remember, 72 women”.

Veteran presenter, Mama EFfe, who was shocked to the bone, asked the pastor when he first had a lover, and as sincere as he could be he confessed he started at age 12.

Out of the 72, he added, only two took seed but because he “did not want it”, he had to “dissolve it”.

After surrendering his life to God in 2010, he made the decision to settle down because the temptation was becoming unbearable.

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But for his revelation, he would have been a wedded man in a church marriage slated for October ending.

His fiancée, who had already purchased a gown and everything needed for the wedding, has run back into the arms of her ex-lover and baby daddy.

Listen to his narration below: