Yesterday, social media was on fire after videos of a woman abusing controversial actress, Akuapem Poloo at the mall went viral.

The said woman, who claims to be the main wife of King Mondo – a man Akuapem Poloo trumpeted she is married to- walked in on them having fun time together.

Prepared to fight, the charged wife pounced on Akuapem Poloo, but the man involved shielded her to run away.

Akuapem Poloo has described the attack as a plot to shame her, despite confessing to the said woman their wedding visuals were merely a music video scene.

The actress has, however, threatened to deal with her abuser, who flew from the United Kingdom just to create a scene.

King Mondu, reacting to the incident, said he does not know his ‘wife’ from Adam and suspects she was hired to bring negativity to his incoming highlife music.


In a one-minute video he made to explain the situation, he kept referring to his said wife as either “a certain lady or that lady”, having disclosed he is unmarried.

He has advised the lady to talk to those who hired her and warned he will deal with them drastically.

Watch video below:

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I am very sorry Queen poloo. Pls forgive me .

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