Martha Ankomah | Photo: @marthaankomah/Instagram

Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah, says she started paying keen attention to what food is served to her on set because she nearly got poisoned.

According to her, she was filming on set at a location around Spintex in Accra when the food arrived for her crew, hence she got served.

Narrating her incident, the actress said she started having severe stomach upset coupled with vomiting when she finished her food.

Speaking in an interview on Angel FM, Ms Ankomah said it was the weirdest thing to have happened to her because everyone on set that day ate the same food, adding that, she was the only one who had a strange reaction.


At Spintex, I was on set and they brought food for us. When I ate mine, I started running and vomiting and it was strange. I called people I know and we started praying so since then I pay attention to what I eat on set.

Additionally, the beautiful actress said she didn’t go to the hospital because she healed herself through prayers.

I didn’t go to the hospital. It didn’t make sense… so I asked the welfare lady why it was happening to only me. So I prayed more.. since then I am very careful when I am eating at a location.