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Man in tears as Chef Failatu ends 10-day cook-a-thon


A man was overcome with emotion as Chef Failatu Abdul-Razak concluded her extraordinary 10-day cooking marathon.

A video circulating on social media captured the tearful moment, depicting the man’s uncontrollable crying while others attempted to comfort him.

Hailing from the Northern region, the man had positioned his mat at the Modern City Hotel in Tamale to show his support for Chef Failatu’s Guinness World Records cook-a-thon, which commenced on New Year’s Day.

Throughout the ten days leading up to the event’s culmination, Chef Failatu tirelessly served him from morning until evening.

The touching scene unfolded as Chef Failatu, having delighted a supportive crowd with her delicious meals, finally turned off the gas stove in her kitchen in the early hours of Wednesday, January 10, precisely at 10:00 am.

Assisted by Chef Malik Eric, Chef Failatu achieved an impressive feat by cooking for a total of 227 hours and two seconds.

The man’s tears were a sincere expression of gratitude towards Chef Failatu for providing him with nourishing meals over the past 10 days.

Additionally, his tears revealed a profound yearning for the delightful dishes crafted by Chef Failatu.

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