Former Deputy Attorney General, Dominic Ayine
Former Deputy Attorney General, Dr Dominic Ayine

Dr Dominic Akuritinga Ayine, Member of Parliament(MP) for Bolgatanga East Constituency, has rubbished accusations of hoarding money sent for delegates of the party in the constituency by former President John Dramani Mahama.

Some branch executives of the party were reportedly informed by some unnamed persons that the Presidential Aspirant of the National Democratic Congress had remitted some cash to be distributed at Ghc 500 to each delegate.

The delegates say they were informed that the cash is in the custody of the MP and Constituency Executives.

The obviously livid Member of Parliament has, however, dismissed the claims and accused his opponent’s camp of cooking up such stories for votes.

“This morning I got a number of calls obviously from branch executives who had received the call informing them that the former President has sent Ghc 500 to each delegate, saying that myself and the constituency executives have decided to sit on the money and that we don’t intend to release the money to the delegates. We suspected very strongly and that is the suspicion that it came from our opponent’s camp. I was grossly disappointed and I have always said that we should do politics with integrity, not be dishonest and not try to lie to the people so they can vote for one candidate or the other. I was infuriated,” he said.

Though the camp of his opponent has denied orchestrating such rumours, he argued that it was not possible for such calculated attempts to tarnish his image to have come from any other quarters.

Dr Ayine is in a contest with Dr Emmanuel Abere-Inga in the ongoing parliamentary primaries as he seeks to secure his 4th term in Parliament.