Ex-President John Agyekum Kufuor says it is not apt to legalise same-sex (LGBTQ+) relationships in the country.

According to him, he is very conservative on the LGBTQ+ issue because “that is not how God created us.”

Speaking in an interview, the former President said men by nature are supposed to get intimate with women, hence he cannot agree to allow LGBTQ+ thrive in Ghana.


I am very conservative about it. What is it with a man that I don’t have? It is only a woman that will attract me… It is more of an abomination and shouldn’t be accepted.

God didn’t create us that way. The Bible says we should multiply and fill the world. How do we do that? Is it with the opposite sex? I don’t want to hear it.

If a child is growing and doesn’t get someone to counsel them, it can lead them astray. They can be influenced by bad friends. So parenting is essential… but the women are to pay more mind to their children because they are mothers, he advised.

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