A ‘church elder’ has been faced with ridicule after a lady exposed him for paying meager wages after some rounds of sex.

The lady, identified only as Nana Adwoa, revealed they met when she came for laundry services in his house in Takoradi, and in the course of the washing, it started raining so the pastor offered her a roof over her head.

At dawn, she narrated the pastor woke her up and started pestering her with sex, threatening to forfeit payment of her laundry services if she fails to meet his demand.

“At first I started arguing with him, but the money he needed to pay me was my transportation back to Accra; so upon second thought I agreed.


“After the first round, he paid me only GH¢20, another GH¢ 5 each after the next two rounds and GH¢ 20 and only coins, when I was leaving the next morning,” she revealed on Nhyira FM’s Obra.

However, after five months of their intercourse, the said lady showed up in his house and claimed she is carrying his child, but the elder denied paternity.

He, therefore, asked her to abort the pregnancy on the basis he already has a family, a situation which has angered the lady, hence her decision to expose him.