Kofi Jamar | photo credit: @twinsdntbeg
Kofi Jamar | photo credit: @twinsdntbeg

Rapper Kofi Jamar has apologised for his comments suggesting that slave trade and colonisation had benefited black people.

In a post on Twitter, he stated that he did not, by any means, want to suggest that slavery was a good thing to have happened to Africans and the many victims across the world.

“I apologise for my tweet. My great grandfather, Prempeh the 1st, was captured as a result of the colonial regime, I’ve been affected by what happened in many ways,” the ‘Ekorso’ hitmaker stated.

This comes after the Kumerican rapper, in a now-deleted post on Twitter, had noted that without the slave trade the black people may not have had as great of an impact on the world as they do today.

“Our ancestors really knew what they were doing when they sold most Africans into slavery. I swear we wouldn’t have had the likes of the Blues, RnB, Rock and Roll, Rap Music, Hip Hop… This is a great impact on the world as we see today,” he wrote.

Kofi Jamar added that “blacks have benefited and impacted the world a lot in so many ways due to that migration. Shhh we wouldn’t have had the likes of Jay-Z, Lebron, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Virgil Abloh and a whole lot you can mention (sic).”

Kofi Jamar apologises for slave trade comment

However, after facing massive criticisms from people on social media, Kofi Jamar deleted his post and apologised for making such comments.

He rather maintained that despite its gory pasts, many black people have had a significant influence on the world today due to slavery.

Kofi Jamar apologises for slave trade comment

“Although the deed of slavery is wrong, I can’t deny the impact blacks have had on the world today because of that,” he stated.