King Promise

Popular singer and songwriter, Gregory Bortey Newman, known in showbiz circles as King Promise, says Nigerian singer Wizkid is not his boss but his long-time friend.

According to the Ginger hitmaker, they have been friends before he [King Promise] saw his breakthrough in the music scene.

In an interview with Doreen Avio on Daybreak Hitz, King Promise said, “First of all, he [Wizkid] is not my boss. He is a friend.”

This comes as a response to entertainment writer and pundit, Kwame Dadzie, who asserted that Wizkid is King Promise’s boss —and thus, he [King Promise] refused to perform at the Wizkid Live in Accra concert because his boss [Wizkid] did not.

This follows King Promise’s failure to perform at the event held at the Accra Sports Stadium on December 10.

The headliner of the event, Wizkid, could not perform due to “safety” and “production issues”.

Shortly after the event, King Promise, in a statement, wrote that he would not compromise the safety of his fans, even though he had been paid to perform at an event —and that was his reason for not being able to perform.

In the same statement, he apologized for not being present on stage to perform as advertised.

But the ’10 Toes’ singer’s apology did not sit well with some fans and industry players.

Among the industry players was Kwame Dadzie, who in a tweet posted on December 11, registered his displeasure at King Promise for not performing at the event.

He went on to say that King Promise insulted other artistes like Darkovibes, and Gyakie, who felt safe and performed at the same show that was purported to have lacked safety protocols and sufficient production arrangements.

According to Kwame Dadzie, King Promise’s reason for not performing was just an excuse.

Speaking on Hitz FM on Monday, Kwame Dadzie, in his quest to find answers from King Promise, posed a question to the singer: “Was he coming on stage to fire teargas? Does he not think his statement wreaks of betrayal of his Ghanaian people, just to pay allegiance to his boss Wizkid?”

In response to Kwame Dadzie, King Promise said: “My allegiance has always been to Ghanaians, and everyone knows that.

“You guys saw my tour right? I had the Ghana flag with me every day. I am an ambassador for my people to the world. I don’t think anybody can doubt the fact I show ‘Ghana to the World’ everywhere I go.”

As part of proving his loyalty to his fans, the Carry Me Go singer said: “On my birthday, I spent it with my fans. I could have been with my family. I also did a free show and performed for my fans just to let them know that I appreciate you guys for how far you’ve brought me.”

He concluded by saying that his inability to perform at certain events does not necessarily mean he disrespects his fans.

He went on to reveal that he will disclose the actual reason he wasn’t able to perform at the Wizkid Live in Accra concert when the time is right.

King Promise’s forthcoming event, Promise Land, is slated for December 23, happening at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel.