The media went agog this weekend over one of the most luxurious weddings in recent times, which displayed indigenous Ghanaian fashion, style and culture.

Guess what, we have uncovered the young Ghanaian behind it all.

Ghanaian stylist and designer, with an IT and graphic design background by name Michael Kumi, CEO of Maison Hardman is the brain behind the apparel of Despite’s son and some dignitaries who were at the event. 

The designer confidently deserves the credit for Kennedy Osei’s luxury suit, that of Dr Osei Kwame Despite, his brother, Mr Sarpong, the page boy, and his four brothers whom some ladies cannot stop ”crushing” on.

Kency 2020


Kwame Despite and his brother Mr Sarpong wore blue suits to the most talked-about wedding

In a statement when contacted, Mr Kumi revealed, “for the past five years my passion for fabrics and styles have led me to do strictly men’s wear, mainly suits and caftans.

“I have dedicated my time, energy and have invested a lot of time into fine-tuning my craft. What you see today is a testament of hard work and dedication.” 

Micheal Kumi designer

Micheal Kumi

The brand Maison Hardman was born out of his love for cutting fabrics and stitching them together to make exciting clothes with fit-for-purpose designs that gave it relevance and emit light at any gathering.

The daughter of Despite’s wedding in 2017 was one of the families events where his designs were on display, left-right-centre with class.

Kency 2020

Asked why one of the richest families in Ghana will choose him, he stated that, ”Ken chose me because currently, I’m one of the best designers doing bespoke suites, styling grooms both locally and internationally.

“I actually pay a lot of attention to details also, so by choosing me, they have reaffirmed their trust and believe in made in Ghana products and in young Ghanaians like myself”.

The young man at this point can afford to make some braggadocio comments. His works merit it anyways. 

Though in recent times consumers themselves are increasingly selective about what’s worth buying and what will have longevity in their wardrobes, Kumi’s works have won the hearts of many due to his craft and flamboyant finishing.

His works have delivered value and satisfaction to reputable personalities and a couple of celebrities including Stonebwoy, Sarkodie, Bola Ray, Trigmatic, Van Vicker, and George Britton among others.

To get up-close and personal, you can follow him on his social media handles @jw_jollof and @MaisonHardman.