A nursing mother showed her bravery when she escaped the Kejetia fire outbreak on a rope with a baby tied to her back.

A viral video shared by Twitter user @YellowmanEffect, showed the young mother descending from the top floor of the newly built Kejetia market.

Other people who were trapped up with her with the help of those in the middle floor and down floor held on tight to the plastic-like rope she used to descend.

About five men in the middle floor assisted her to get to the floor. 

Persons in the down floor were cheering and applauding the young mother for her courage.

In the late afternoon of Wednesday, March 16, 2023 fire gutted parts of the Kejetia market in Kumasi of the Ashanti Region.

Goods and shops worth millions of cedis were lost to the raging inferno.

Firefighters upon arrival at the scene could not stop the fire as the smoke from the fire blurred their sight.

No deaths have been recorded but one person collapsed while others, who were trapped in some shops, were rescued from the top-most part of the building.