lynching of 90-yr-old woman
Suspect Latifah Bumaye

Latifah Bumaye, one of the accomplices of the ‘witch-doctor,’ who accused lynched 90-year-old Akua Denteh of being a witch, has been arrested.

According to information gathered by, Latifah Bumaye aged 33, was arrested in the early morning of Friday, July 31.

Bumaye is believed to be the lady seen using a horsewhip on the late Denteh, in the widely circulated video which showed the gruesome murder of the 90-year-old woman.


Madam Denteh was falsely accused of being a witch by a witch doctor and was subsequently lynched by some persons in the community.

Since her murder, the Savannah Regional Police Command has been on a hunt for those who perpetuated the inhumane act.

She and some others have been in hiding till her arrest this morning at Kejewu Bator, a fishing community in the Savannah Region by the Salaga Divisional Police Headquarters.