Songstress, Feli Nuna has opened up on her relationship with her partner, revealing that they have been together for a decade.

Despite the long duration of their relationship, Feli Nuna claimed she does not feel pressured to get married until she and her partner are mentally prepared.

According to the ‘Love Me Now’ composer, she was with her partner even before her rise to fame. Nonetheless, they have had their fair share of troubles.

Their relationship started with the initial excitement of the ‘butterfly stage’ but gradually navigated through challenges including personal choices and growth, tight schedules, traveling and work-related issues.

However, Feli Nuna said they are currently in a good place in their relationship.

She added that, they have become best friends and feel intertwined with each other’s lives, with their families also forming a close bond over the years.

While Feli Nuna is not opposed to the idea of marriage and having children, but she believes she has to be mentally ready for such a significant commitment.

With her busy schedule and dedication to her work, she wants to ensure that she can balance her career and family life effectively before she takes the huge leap.

Until then, Feli Nuna said they are content with their relationship and the bond they share.