Amakye Dede
Amakye Dede

Veteran musician, Amakye Dede, has supported calls for the legalisation of marijuana.

According to him, he does not see anything wrong with smoking the plant.

The artiste noted that despite the perceptions attached to marijuana smoking, it does not make one a bad person.

Amakye Dede said on Accra-based GHOne that if the government legalises weed “it would be nice.”

He added that despite his stance, he does not smoke, noting that he disliked marijuana the very first time he attempted it.

Amakye Dede is not the first celebrity to make calls for the legalisation.

In 2018, reggae artiste Blakk Rasta urged the government to create a factory dedicated to marijuana production, among other things.

He noted that the country could make money not only in exporting the plant, but also have the factory refine weed into products like oil and others.

Blakk Rasta suggested that restrictions could be employed to ensure the plant was not abused.

When Germany announced its decision to legalise weed, actor turned politician John Dumelo called on the government to follow suit.

“Germany is set to make billions of Euros from taxes by legalizing marijuana. Then we will turn around and go and borrow that same money with interest for our development, forgetting that we (Ghana) grow the best marijuana in the world. Ain’t we smart?”. He quizzed.